Intimacy coordinator

Agence Claude Girard now represents intimacy coordinators. A recognized and approved profession by the largest productions (HBO, Netflix), it is becoming an important asset for the realization of intimate scenes in theater, film and television productions.

The coordinators, used to the sets and among the best artists in the film industry, offer their services to accompany you on any type of shooting or preparation of shooting. With extensive experience in directing and staging, they can provide:

  •  The development of a protocol around the scenes of intimacy
  •  Assistance in choreographing intimate scenes
  •  Respect, consent and integrity of the performers
  •  Liaison between the production team and the performers
  •  Physical and moral support during intimate or stressful scenes.

The coordinators wish to accompany the vision and creativity of the project by ensuring that the teams evolve in a healthy and ethical environment.