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Myriam Vincent

Author | Screenwriter

Born in Contrecœur in 1994, Myriam Vincent holds a master’s degree in French-language literature from McGill University. She published a few texts in the literary reviews Le Pied and Cavale before embarking on writing her first book, Furie (2020), which won the Prix des Rendez-vous du premier roman. Her second novel, À la Maison (2022), is currently nominated for the Prix des libraires. When she is not writing, Myriam is an editor and Director of the Prose collection at Poètes de brousse Editions.


À la maison


2nd novel by the author
Prose Collection at Les Éditions Poètes de Brousse | Distribution Diffusion Dimedia and in Europe Diffusion Paris-Montréal
*Nominated for the 2023 Booksellers' Awards



Author's 1st novel
Prose Collection published at Éditions Poètes de brousse
*Rendez-vous du premier roman Prize



Literary Magazine
Participation in the publication Number 8 - QUÉTAINERIES
With texts and images from: Myriam Vincent, Maxime Lemire, Timothée Rhéaume-Daoust, Axel Roy, Cindie Guénette, Victor Bégin, Noémie Courchesne, Carolanne Foucher, Nathanaël Fleuriné, Sarah Baril-Bergeron, Julie Desautels, Tristan Dupuis Robidoux.
Graphisme: Camille Drouin

Le Pied


Literary Magazine
Participation in texts publication

McGill University - Master's degree in French Literature and Language