Photo credit : Ulysse Del Drago

Marc-Antoine Rioux

Writer | Screenwriter

Marc-Antoine Rioux began his scriptwriting career in 2009 after studying arts and humanities, communication and screenwriting. Mauvaise, his first short film, was screened as part of the Fantasia film festival. He then devoted himself to writing feature films and co-wrote PRANK, a cheeky teen comedy selected by the 2016 Venice Critics’ Week and winner of the Gilles-Carle Prize at Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma in 2017, his second feature Les Barbares de la Malbaie (2019) and the third, Farador, to come in 2023. He will soon tackle new projects, whether a comedy (Nicolet), a horror film (Visite Libre) or a bio-action movie (Leo Major), his focus remains solely on delivering fresh and entertaining stories. If Marc-Antoine devotes himself to these projects with a devouring passion, it is, of course, nothing compared to the obsession he always had for the Montreal Canadiens, or the work of David Mamet.


Leo Major

In development

Feature film
Production Tim Ringuette & Entract Films


TBR 2023

Feature film
Coscreenwriter with Éric K. Boulianne, Edouard Tremblay (Director) & Daniel Boulanger
Parallaxes Production
*Comiccon 2022

Visite Libre

In development

Feature film
Coscreenwriter with Nicolas Krief (original idea) | Director Jeanne Leblanc
Production Valérie d’Auteuil & Caramel Films

Vendu tel quel

In production 2023

Feature film, inspired from the play As is...Simon Boudreault
Coscreenwriter with Sébastien Rose (Director)
Production Item 7 & Possibles Média


In production 2023

Feature film
Coscreenwriter with Éric K. Boulianne | Director Catherine Therrien
Christal Films Production

Balle de break

In development

Feature film
Original idea and coscreenwriter with Jean-François Leblanc (Director)
Production Stéphanie Morissette & La Maison de Prod (Trio Orange)

La Guérite

In development

Feature Film
Coscreenwriter with Éric K. Boulianne & Alexandre Auger | Director Rémi St-Michel
Christal Films Production

Monsieur Thibault

In development

Feature film, from the original idea of Phil Roy
Coscreenwriter with | Original idea: Phil Roy
KO24 Production & Félize Frappier

Lay Low

In development 2022

TV Series Fiction
Coscreenwriter with Éric K. Boulianne & Nicolas Krief
Production Marc-André Grondin & Groupe Fairplay

Les Furies

In development

TV Series Fiction
Coscreenwriter with Jean-François Leblanc (Director)
Production Stéphanie Morissette & La Maison de Prod / Trio Orange

Opération Sandbox

In development

Feature film, from the original idea of Érik Canuel
Coscreenwriter with Éric K. Boulianne and Alexandre Auger | Director Rémi St-Michel
Caramel Films Production

Les Barbares de la Malbaie


Feature Film
Co-Screenwriter with Éric K. Boulianne and Alexandre Auger
Directed by Vincent Biron | DOP Marie Davignon
Art & Essai Production
*CALQ 2012 – Harold Greenberg 2013 – SODEC Atelier Grand-Nord 2014

Heart Bomb (Une bombe au cœur)


Short film
Coscreenwriter with Eric K. Boulianne, Alexandre Auger and Rémi St-Michel (Director)
Coproduction Panaches Films & Christal Films Productions
Distribution Les Films Opales and Panache Films
* In nomination Best Short Film Fiction at IRIS Gala (Quebec Cinema) 2020


IRIS Gala (Quebec Cinema ), 2020 - In nomination for Best Short Film
Prix H264 Jury’s Choice Award, available on Apple TV & Amazon Prime Video – 16e Gala Prends Ça Court, 2020
FCVQ – Grand Prize, National Competition – Short film, Québec 2019
International Short Film Competition, Fantasia – Best actor, Montréal 2019
SPASM – Best song HeartBomb in "Heartbomb", Montréal 2019
Red Rock Film Festival – Compétition officielle, USA 2019
Vancouver International Film Festival – Sélection officielle, Montréal 2019
Le long week-end du court – Trois-Rivières, 2019
17th IFF Pacific Meridian, Vladivostok, Russia 2019 – In selection
OFF-Courts Trouville, France 2019 – In competition


In development

Feature Film
Screenwriter | Director & coscreenwriter Kristina Wagenbauer
Art & Essai Production
*SODEC 2015



Feature film
Screenplay collaboration | Screenwriter and Director Halima Ouardiri
Production Eyesteelfilm



Feature Film - Video HD - 80 min
Coscreenwriter with Alexandre Auger, Éric K. Boulianne & Vincent Biron (Director)
Production Romance Polansky, Art& Essai | FunFilm Distribution


73e Venice Mostra - World Premiere – Official Competition, Venice Critic's Week, Italy, 2016
TIFF -Official Selection, Canada, 2016
FNC - Public Choice's Award "Temsp Zero", Quebec, 2016
Hamburg FilmFest- In Selection, Germany, 2016
Raindance Film Festival - In Selection, London, 2016
Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois - Gilles Carle Award 2017
Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema 2017

Encore fiancés


Short film
Co-screenwriter with Catherine Therrien (Director)

Bienvenue à Ordos


Feature Film
Story Consultant | Director Maxime Giroux
Metafilms Production

Killing by the Book (Raide Mort)


Feature Film
Original idea & Co-screenwriter



Feature Film
Original idea & Screenwriter | Screenplay collaboration Hubert-Yves Rose
*SODEC 2010



Short film – video
Productions du Chat Fâché



Short film – video
Screenwriter & Producer
Productions du Chat Fâché


Festival Fantasia 2010

Lis T’Classiques


Humorous educational videos
Co-screenwriter with Helen Faradji
Producer La Fabrique Culturelle & Télé-Québec

Le Club de lecture


Web Series
Original idea & coscreenwriter with Éric K. Boulianne | Director Rémi St-Michel
Jimmy Lee & Jessie Films Production