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Kristina Wagenbauer

Réalisatrice | Scénariste

Kristina Wagenbauer is a Swiss-Canadian filmmaker based in Montreal. After directing, writing, and producing several award-winning short films, she co-wrote and directed Sashinka, her debut feature film. Her work has been showcased in more than 100 festivals including the Locarno Film Festival, SIFF, FNC and was nominated at the Canadian Screen Awards as well as Quebec Cinema Awards.

In 2021 Kristina travels to Switzerland to shoot two episodes of the prime-time mini-series La vie devant for the RTS.

She is currently working on her second feature film, Superluminal, produced by Art&Essai, Collective Pictures and distributed by Elevation Pictures.



In development

Feature film
Director and screenwriter
Production Art&Essai

La Vie Devant


Fiction mini-series | RTS (Switzerland)
Director of 2 episodes (52 min)
Screenplay Frédéric Recrosio | Showrunner Klaudia Reynicke
With Audrey Dana, Remo Girone, Carlos Leal, Léon Boesch, Brigitte Rosset
Production Point Prod | Broadcast RTS
*Official Selection at Larochelle Fiction Festival 2022



Documentary short film, 25 min
Director and screenwriter
Production Tak Films | Distribution SPIRA
* Supported by Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and SODEC


Canadian Screen Awards | In Nominated for Best Documentary Short
IRIS Awards Gala Québec Cinéma | In Nomination for Best Short Documentary
RIDM - Official competition, 2021
Atlanta Film Festival, 2022
Vue Sur Mer, 2022
Kingston Film Festival, 2022
Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma, Canada 2022

Aujourd’hui ou Je Meurs (Today or I Die)


Short film, 8 min
Director and screenwriter
Production Tak Film | Distribution SPIRA
Broadcasting Crave & Unis TV


Best Short Film Film at Courts d'Un Soir, Canada 2020
Pleins Écrans (Facebook Festival) 2021
Prends ça court!, Montreal, 2020
Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma, Canada 2020
Minikino Film Week, Indonesia, 2020
Portobello Film Fest, England, 2020
Jeunesse tout court, France, 2020
Shnit Short Film, Switzerland, 2020
Festival de cinéma québécois de Biscarosse, France, 2020
Shorts That Are Not Pants, Canada, 2020
Festival du court métrage d'Auch, France, 2020
World Premiere at FNC 2019 as part of Cartes Blanches



Feature film, 78 min.
Director and screenwriter
Production Art & Essai Micro I Distribution FunFilms
*Supported by Telefilm Canada’s Talent to Watch program I Purchased by Radio-Canada I Super Écran


Indie Spirit Award - Naples Int. Film Festival, USA 2018
Canadian Screen Awards | 3 Nominations: Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Carla Turcotte) | Achievement in Editing (Julie Saulnier) | Achievement in Music – Original Song (Jean-Sébastien Williams), Toronto 2019
Gala Québec cinéma - Finalist for 4 Iris Awards: Best Female Interpretation in a Leading Role (Carla Turcotte, Sasha), Best Female Interpretation in a Supporting Role (Natalia Dontcheva, Elena), Best Role Distribution (Nolwenn Daste, Fanny Rainville & Kristina Wagenbauer), Best First Feature film, Montreal, 2019
Gala Québec Cinéma - 3 nominations: Best Actress, Best Actress in a supporting role, Best role distribution, Montreal 2019
Québec Cinéma Tour 2017
Festival du Nouveau Cinema (FNC), Montreal QC 2017
Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) 2018 - New Director's Competition
Naples International Film Festival, USA 2018
Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival, Canada 2018
Filmfest Bremen International Film Festival, Germany 2018
TOFIFEST, Poland 2018
Whistler Film Festival, Canada 2018 - Nomination for the AWFJ Eda Award
Solothurner Filmtage, Switzerland 2019
Festival Dona y Cine, Valencia 2019 - Special Mention of the jury
Rendez-vous Quebec Cinema (RVQC), Montreal 2019
Festival du Film Canadien à Dieppe 2019
Days of Quebecois Cinema in Italia, Milan and Florence 2019
Canadian Screen Arts Festival: Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, St John’s, and Iqaluit.

Ailleurs Exactement (Somewhere Else Exactly)


Short film, 23 min, Canada-Switzerland
Director and screenwriter
Production Art & Essai | Travelling Distribution


Jury Award – Breakthroughs Film Festival - Toronto, Canada 2015
Winterthur Kurzfilmtage, Switzerland 2014 - Official Selection
Festival européen du court-métrage de Nice, France 2014
Off-Court Trouville, France, 2014



Short film, 17 min, Canada-Switzerland
Director and screenwriter
Production Ventura film I Broadcasting TV5


Audience Choice Award – Shnit Film Festival, Switzerland 2013
Jury Special Mention – Oberhausen Film Festival, Germany 2013
Jury Award “Coup de Coeur” – Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal, Canada 2013
First Price Best Short-film, Festival del film delle Centovalli, Switzerland 2013
Prix Spirafilm - Festival Off-court Trouville 2013
Jury Special Mention – FFR, Montreal, Canada 2013
Prends ça court!, Montreal Quebec Canada 2013
Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany
Festival Écran Mobile, Switzerland 2013
Solothurn Filmtage, Switzerland 2013
Swiss Film Festival in São Paulo, Brazil 2013
In the Palace, Bulgary 2013
Vila Do Conde, Portugal 2013
Lago Film Fest, Italy 2013
Festival Open Cinema, Russia 2013
XX CapalbioCinema, Italy 2013
Off-Court, France 2013
Atlantic Film Festival, Canada 2013
Shnit, Switzerland 2013

Bowling Chez Denise


Short film, 11min20
Director and screenwriter
Production INIS, Canada


Festival du Film de Locarno - Official Selection, Switzerland 2010
Festival Off-Courts, France 2010
Shnit Switzerland 2010
Festival Images en Vues, Iles de la Madeleine, Canada 2010
Solothurn Filmtage, Switzerland 2010



Shortfilm, 5 min
Director and screenwriter
Production KINO00 & Kristina Wagenbauer


Spirafilm Award - Festival Off-court Trouville, France 2013
Winner of the 2012 MK2 contest, Paris - the film screened in front of the feature films of all the MK2 in Paris for a year, 2012.
First Prize and Public Prize - Centovalli Film Festival, Switzerland 2011
Shnit, Switzerland 2011
Message to Man, Russia 2011
La boca del Lobo, Spain 2011
Festival en Lumière, Montreal Quebec, Canada 2011
Festival di Film au Féminin, Switzerland 2011



Short-film, 4min30
Director and screenwriter
Production INIS


First Price - Cinémental Festival, Manitoba Canada 2011
Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois, Montreal 2010
Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal 2010
Rencontres sous la tente, Ouarzazate, Moroco 2010
Rencontres Henri Langois, Poitier 2010
Festival Etiudia & Anima, Cracovie 2010
Cinemental, Canada 2010
Festival International des Ecoles de Cinéma, Belgium 2010

Hôtel des arts, JS Wiliams



Carry me, Alejandra Ribera


Music Video & Director of EPK documentary during album“This Island” shooting | DOP Marie Davi-gnon

Uninvited (Storm), The Franklin Electric


Music video

I want, Alejandra Ribera


Music video
DOP Marie Davignon

Amends, Jean-Sebastien Williams


Music video

- Groupe Ouest, Film Lab Européen | Coaching d’auteurs en résidence d’écriture, 2020-2021
- Academy Program for Directors 2018
- National Institute of Image and Sound (INIS), Canada | Diploma in Film Direction, 2010.
- University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), Canada | Cinema Screenwriting Certificate, 2014.
Related Background
- Locarno Summer Academy, Festival du film de Locarno, 2009
- Berlinale Talent Campus, Festival de Berlin, 2011
- EAVE, European Audiovisual entrepreneurs, Luxembourg 2014
- Groupe Ouest, Script Lab 2020-2021
- Netflix-BANFF Fellowship 2020