Jacques Drolet


Jacques Drolet is an author and screenwriter trained at the theatre school of Ste-Thérèse, he developed as an actor first of all in theatre and on television while following constant training in the method of creating dramatic works and in dramatic writing. He co-wrote for the theatre nearly twenty shows that he played nearly 1,000 times on tour in Quebec, Canada and Europe.

With Jean-François Asselin, they wrote the television series François en Série which won the Gémeaux for Best Dramatic Comedy in 2007, the feature film We Are The Others in 2017 (4 nominations for the Canadian Screen Awards) then the series Plan B, an anthology of 4 seasons which won the Gémeaux prize for Best Drama Series for two consecutive years and is sold around the world.

Currently, he is the script editor on a dozen projects and presents season 4 of Plan B in 2023.

Filmography | TV Shows

Plan B 4


TV Series Drama | With Pier-Luc Funk & anthology of 4 seasons
Co-writer with Jean-François Asselin (Director)
KOTV | Ici tout.tv

Plan B (English version)


TV Series Drama | English adaptation with Patrick J Adams & Karine Vanasse
Creator with Jean-François Asselin

Plan B 3


TV Series Drama | With Anne-Elisabeth Bossé
Co-screenwriter with Jean-François Asselin (Director)
KOTV | Ici tout.tv

Plan B 2


TV Series Drama | With Sophie Lorrain
Co-screenwriter with Jean-François Asselin (Director)
KOTV | Ici tout.tv


34th Gémeaux Awards: Best dramatic series | Best screenplay: dramatic series Jean-François Asselin, Jacques Drolet - Plan B 2 « Épisode 6 - Maman », 2019 | Best leading actress: Sophie Lorain, 2019
Zapettes d’or: 4 nominations

Plan B


TV Series Drama | With Louis Morrissette
Co-wrtiter with Jean-François Asselin (Director)
KOTV | Série +
*Format sold worldwide


33rd Gémeaux Awards: Best dramatic series | Best actress in a first role: dramatic series Magalie Lépine-Blondeau - « Épisode 6 » | and 4 nominations
Festival de la Fiction TV de La Rochelle, catégorie Fictions francophones étrangères – France, 2019

Nous sommes les autres


Feature film
Co-screenwriting with Jean-François Asselin (Director)
Item 7 | Christal Films | Les Films Séville (eOne)


Canadien Screen Awards 2018 – 4 Nominations

François en série I & II


Sitcom, 22 x 30 min.
Co-screenwriter with Jean-François Asselin (Director)
Locomotion & Productions Casablanca | Broadcaster Série +
*Format sold worldwide


Gémeaux Awards, Montreal, Canada 2007 – Best Comedy
Mipcom 2007, Cannes, France - Best scripted format
Ruban d’or 2007 – Pan-Canadian Best Series
Gala des Prix Gémeaux 2007 - 7 nominations
Gala des Oliviers 2007 - 1 nomination
Roma Fiction Festival 2007 – Official Selection
Gémeaux Awards Montreal, Canada 2006 - 8 nominations



TV Series | Police Thriller
Script Editor | Director Patrice Sauvé
Ici tou.tv & Ici Radio-Canada

Toi & Moi


Script Editor | Writers Margaret McBrearty & Matt Holland



Weekly program on married life
Twenty humorous of 2-min. capsules
Production Pixcom | Broadcasting Canal Vie

La face cachée des anges


Corporate video on water safety (22 min.)
Produced by La société de sauvetage and ZAQ Communications



TV Weekly Outdoor Magazine (14 Episodes)
Production "LA Sterne" | Broadcasting TVA, TQS, TV5

À nos amours... oui, à nos affaires aussi


Corporate video on the economic benefits of living together
Production le Théâtre Parminou & le Ministère de la Justice du Québec

La bête à sept têtes


Drama on the history of Mauricie, Bois Franc
Production Le Théâtre Parminou & Radio-Québec



18 shows played nearly 1,000 times on tour in Quebec, Canada and Europe
Au pied de la lettre, Co-writer composer - 1991
Mon royaume pour une carotte, Co-writer composer - 1989
L’égalité brille pour tout le monde, Co-writer - 1988
Prend ton temps, ça presse ! Co-writer - 1988
L’étoffe du pays, Co-writer composer - 1987
Ça crève les yeux, ça crève le coeur, Co-writer - 1986
Toujours trop jeune, Co-writer - 1986
Il était une fois vers l’ouest, Co-writer - 1986
Dernière France d’Amérique, Co-writer composer - 1982
Mouvances le cirque de l’impossible Amérique, Co-writer composer - 1982
Portrait-robot, Co-writer composer – 1983
J’en peu plus, j’suis crevé, Co-writer composer - 1983
Plusieurs interventions éclaires, Co-writer - 1980-1983
Moi c’est pas pareil ... j’travaille, Co-writer - 1982
Samuel de champlain, Co-writer composer - 1982
Ton histoire est une des pas pires, Co-writer composer - 1980-1981
On s’laisses-tu remplir ?, Co-writer composer - 1980-1981

Screenwriting UQAM
Multimedia screenwriting: Institut Icari (48hrs) - 2000-2001
Internship in acting for the camera with Christie Anna Nicolae (Romanian filmmaker) (28 hrs) – 1994
Internship in acting for the camera with Anne-Claire Poirier (3 weekends) - 1991
College degree in arts, Cégep Lionel-Groulx - 1989
Screenwriting internship with Jorge Fajardo (30 hrs)
Screenwriting internship with Syd Field (12 hrs)
Screenwriting internship with Louis Dominique Lavigne (30 hrs) - 1986-1991
Dramatic structure and dialogue writing internship with Augusto Boal (4hrs), Philippe Ivernel (6hrs in Paris) & Louis-Dominique Lavigne (35hrs) - 1980-1997
École de théâtre de Ste-Thérèse, acting - 1973-1975