Photo credit : Fred Gervais Dupuis

Eric K. Boulianne

Screenwriter | Author

A proud native of the Charlevoix region, Eric K. Boulianne left the countryside in 2002 to pursue film studies. After receiving his B.A. in Film Studies from UQAM, he wrote, among other things, the short films Marshmallow and Petit Frère (selected at the Cannes 53rd Critic’s Week and screened at more than 60 international festivals).

Along with his work as a TV writer (Les Pêcheurs, SNL Qc, Web Thérapie, Lourd, 2017 Québec Film Gala), he co-wrote the sequel to the popular success De Père en Flic, as well as the 2016 “Cinderella” movie, PRANK (selected at the 31st Venice International Film Critics’ Week). In 2019, three feature films written by Eric K. Boulianne were released: Avant qu’on explose (nominated in the best screenplay category at the 2019 Quebec Film Gala), Menteur (top Canadian box-office grossing movie of 2019), co-written with Émile Gaudreault and Sébastien Ravary, and Les Barbares de La Malbaie, co-written with Marc-Antoine Rioux and Alexandre Auger.

In months to come, three other feature films he co-wrote will be released: Farador (in which he also has the lead role), Viking and the adaptation of the best-selling novel Le Plongeur.




Feature film
Co-screenwriter with Stéphane Lafleur
Miscro_scope Production
*World Premiered at TIFF Platform Official Selection


TIFF 2022 - Special Mention for Best Feature Film


TBR in 2023

Feature film
Co-screenwriter with Edouard Tremblay, Marc-Antoine Rioux and Daniel Boulanger. Éric is playing the main character, Charles.
Production Parallaxes

Le Plongeur

In post-production

Feature film | Adaptation of the successful novel from author Stéphane Larue
Screenwriter | Director Francis Leclerc
Production Sphère Média

Compulsive Liar 2 (Menteuse)

In development

Feature Film Sequel of Liar 1
Co-screenwriter with Sébastien Ravary et Émile Gaudreault (director)
Production Les Films du Lac

La Guérite

In development

Feature film
Co-screenwriter with Alexandre Auger & Marc-Antoine Rioux and Rémi St-Michel (Director)
Christal Films Productions


In development

Feature film
Co-screenwriter with Marc-Antoine Rioux
Production KO24

Fred a faim

In development

Co-sreenwriter with Catherine Therrien (Director)
Production Caramel Films


In development for 2023

Feature film
Screenwriter with Marc-Antoine Rioux | Director Catherine Therrien
Christal Films Productions



Short film | HD | 15 min
Screenwriter, actor & co-producer | Director Rémi St-Michel | DOP Marie Davignon
Production Romance Polanski | Klaus Kinky


PRIX DE LA SARTEC ( Best Screenplay - Eric K Boulianne) - Longue vue sur le court, 2021
Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (FNC)- Official competition, 2021

Compulsive Liar (Menteur)


Feature film
Coscreenwriter with Sébastien Ravary and Émile Gaudreault (Director)
Production Cinémaginaire | Distribution Les Films Séville
*More than 6 million Box-office


Canadian Screen Awards 2020 – Golden Ticket Award of Best Feature Film for the Canadian production that generated the highest box office receipts (6 M+)
Gala Québec Cinéma 2020 – Pulic’s Choice Award

Les Barbares de la Malbaie


Feature film
Co-screenwriter with Alexandre Auger and Marc-Antoine Rioux | Director Vincent Biron
DOP Marie Davignon
Production Art & Essai | Distribution Entract Films
*CALQ 2012 | Fonds Harold Greenberg, 2013 | SODEC Atelier Grand-Nord, 2014

Heart Bomb (Une bombe au cœur)


Short film
Co-screenwriter with Alexandre Auger, Marc-Antoine Rioux and Rémi St-Michel (Director)
Co-production Panaches Films & Christal Films Productions
Distribution Les Films Opales & Panache Films


Prix H264 Jury’s Choice Award, available on Apple TV & Amazon Prime Video – 16e Gala Prends Ça Court, 2020
FCVQ – Grand Prize, National Competition – Short film, Québec 2019
International Short Film Competition, Fantasia – Best actor, Montréal 2019
SPASM – Best song HeartBomb in "Heartbomb", Montréal 2019
Red Rock Film Festival – Compétition officielle, USA 2019
Vancouver International Film Festival – Sélection officielle, Montréal 2019
Le long week-end du court – Trois-Rivières, 2019
17th IFF Pacific Meridian, Vladivostok, Russia 2019 – In selection
OFF-Courts Trouville, France 2019 – In competition

Before We Explode (Avant qu'on explose)


Feature film
Screenwriter | Director Rémi St-Michel
Production Christal Films | Distribution e-One (Seville Films)


Gala Québec Cinema 2019 - Nomination for Best Screenplay
Cineplex Golden Screen Award – Feature Film 2018

De père en flic 2


Feature Film
Production Cinémaginaire | Distribution e-One (Seville Films)
*More than $ 1 million at the box-office during the first weekend in Quebec


Canadian Screen Award - Best Visual Effects PLUS, 2017
Cineplex Golden Screen Award - Feature Film, 2018



Feature Film | vidéo HD | 78 min
Co-screenwriter with Alexandre Auger, Vincent Biron (Director) & Marc-Antoine Rioux | Co-producer
Production Romance Polansky, Art& Essai | Distribution FunFilms


RVCQ – Prix Gilles Carle, Montreal, Quebec, 2017
FNC – Series « Vivre le cinéma autrement » – Montreal, Quebec, 2017
FICFA en Acadie – Prix La vague du meilleur long métrage canadien de fiction, NB, Canada, 2016
Raindance Films Festival – In Selection, London, 2016
Filmfest Hamburg – In Selection, Germany, 2016
FNC – In Selection, Quebec Première, Quebec, 2016
TIFF – Official Selection, Canadian Première, Canada, 2016
73e Venice Mostra – World Premiere, Official Competition, La settimana della critica, Italia, 2016

Petit Frère


Short film | HD | 15 min
Screenwriter, actor & co-producer
Production Romance Polanski | Klaus Kinky


53rd Cannes Film Festival Critic's Week
Award for Best Short Film, 12th International Film Festival of Asian-Pacific countries in Vladivostok
UDA Award for best actors
Spirafilm Award for Best Film, DIY Fantasia 2015
Coup de cœur Award COOP video of Montreal RVCQ 2015
Public Choice, Télé-Québec Espace Court 2014
Public Choice, Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival 2014
Nomination for Best Short Film, Canadian Screen Awards

Les Royaumes de Kromaki


Short film | HD | 8 min
Co-screenwriter, Co-director & Co-producer
Production Romance Polanski


In Selection at RVCQ 2013 | Fantasia 2013 |Off-Courts Trouville - 2013

Le Cul des Autres


Short film | HD | 22 min
Screenwriter, Co-director
R.P. Productions


In Selection at Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québecois, Montreal - 2012
Official competition, CFC Worldwide Shortfilm Festival, Toronto, Canada - 2012

Champions Gomme-Balloune


Short film, fiction | HD | 8 min
Screenwriter, Co-cirector & Co-producer
Production Romance Polanski


Official Selection for Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québecois, Montreal - 2012
Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal, Canada- 2012
Just for Laughs Film Festival, Canada - 2012
Barcelona Sports Film Festival, Spain - 2012



Short film | fiction | HD | 13 min
Screenwriter and co-director
Production: Fiat + | Lux média


In Selection Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québecois - 2010
Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal - 2010
FICFA – 2010

Lay Low

In development (2022)

TV Series - fiction
Coscreenwriter with Marc-Antoine Rioux & Nicolas Krief
Production Marc-André Grondin & Groupe Fairplay



TV series | 3 episodes
Production Attraction Images | Diffusion Vrak.TV

Web Therapy


Fiction | 21 episodes
Co-writer | Director Christian Laurence
Production Attraction Images | Broadcasting TV5

SNL Qc (Le Nouveau Show)


Variety show | 13 episodes
Production Fairplay | Broadcasting Ici ARTV et Ici Radio-Canada Télé

La Théorie du K.O. season 2


Fiction | 13 episodes
Additional texts
Production Cinémaginaire | Broadcasting Ici Radio-Canada Télé

SNL Qc seasons 1 & 2


Variety show | 10 episodes
Production Fairplay | Broadcasting Télé-Québec

Les Pêcheurs season 1


Site com
Co-Screenwriter of 1 episode
Production Solofilms & Juste pour Rire | Broadcasting Ici Radio-Canada Télé

Prière de ne pas envoyer de fleurs seasons 2 & 3


Variety show | 13 episodes
Co-Screenwriter of 4 episodes S2
Production Zone III | Broadcasting Ici Radio-Canada Télé


Nominated at Gémeaux Awards 2014 - Best writing - Humor

Le Pool season 1, 2 & 3


Webserie | 24 episodes (7-10 min)
Co-writer & actor
Production LibTV | Broadcasting Vidéotron

Le Club de lecture


Webserie | 12 episodes (3 min)
Co-writer & actor
Production LibTV | Broadcasting Vidéotron

Le chum de ma mère est un E.T.


Webserie | Sci-Fi | 12x5 min
Production Voyons Films | Broadcasting Radio Canada


Award winning project of Fonds Indépendant de Production (FIP)
Nominated at Gémeaux Awards 2013 - Best new media program or series: youth

Le Pixel Mort


Webserie | Sci-Fi | 5x4 min
Production Voyons Film | Broadcaster TV5


Selected project of TV5 Fonds
Official Selection at Web-TV festival de La Rochelle - 2012
Gémeaux Awards Nomination for Best Program Produced for New-Media Dramatic-Comedy, 2012


Webserie | Sci-Fi | 22x4 min
Production Jampack productions | Broadcasting

La Forge – Fondation Québec Cinéma – Speaker and script consultant for the 2020 writing residency.