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Camille Trudel

Writer | Screenwriter

Camille graduated in 2014 at INIS (Institut de l’image et du son) in the Cinema, Screenwriting program, where she received an award for her short film LA FEMME NUE. Camille Trudel quickly began writing a feature film that will be produced by Ô Films, AUX TROUSSES DE TARASQUE. Fellow of the National Apprenticeship Program of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television 2014, she was selected as a member of the Émile-Cantillon Jury at the International Francophone Film Festival of Namur in 2015.

Camille is currently developing and producing  first short films as a director, NATURE MORTE and MIETTE (to be released in 2021). She is also developing several feature film screenplays, as well as offering workshops on dramatic structure and the art of pitch.



In production

Short film | 11:31 minutes
Screenwriter | Co-director and co-producer with Maude Bouchard
Production: Colonelle Films
Distributor: Welcome Aboard

Nature morte

In pre-pruduction

Short film
Screenwriter | Director
Production : Frédéric Boivin and Camille Trudel


In development

Feature film
Production Max Films

La fauche

In development

Feature film
Director Marianne Farley
Production Slykid & Skykid

Aux trousses de Tarasque

In development

Feature film
Production Ô Films

La femme nue


Short film
Director : Francis Lacelle
Produce by Charlotte Beaudoin-Poisson


Best fiction award - Festival Chalon tout court, France 2015
Best film award - Bourse des Pionniers du cinéma du Québec (Ciné-Québec) 2015
Special Jury Mention - Festival de courts métrages de la Côte Bleue, France 2015
Official competition - Rendez-Vous du cinéma québécois, Canada 2015
Official competition - Festival International du film d’Aubagne, France 2015
Official competition - Festival du film étudiant de Québec, Canada 2015
Official competition - Festival International du film étudiant de Belgrade (Serbia) 2015
Session Short and Sweet de Paris (France) 2015
Festival international de film Fantasia (Canada) 2015
Official competition - TYO Festival (France) 2015
Official competition - Pan-Canadian Student Film Festival (Canada) 2014



Short film
Director : Kevin Landry
Produced by Sophie Ricard Harvey

Le sommeil de la proie

In development

Graphic novel

Black Dawn


Digital comics

Une certaine idée de la mort


Collective publication Barbe Rose #2

Peur bleue


Poetry collection Pour l’instant

2014 - Professional training degree - cinéma, screenwriter profile
L’Inis (Institut national de l’image et du son), Montréal

2013 - Certificate in Creative Writing

2011 - Film Studies
Université de Montréal

2011 - Dual College Diploma Plastic arts / Arts and letters, cinema, theater
Cégep de Drummondville

Project Manager

Hiver 2019


Content analysis


Téléfilm Canada

External reader | Script consultant

Since 2015

Téléfilm Canada | Camera Oscura inc. | Item7 | SPORT | Art & Essai

Jury Member FIFEM (Montreal International Children's Film Festival)


FCTNM Mentoring Program (Selection for feature film development Ceux qui ne meurent pas)


Jury Member Émile-Cantillon (International Francophone Film Festival of Namur)


Scholarship from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television (National Apprenticeship Program)